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Real Time Strategy Suite (RTSS)

Real Time Strategy Suite (RTSS)

Find and Trade Great Opportunites Every Day!

Every day, the Real Time Markets offer incredible opportunities for profit. The problem is finding them.

OmniTrader is built to help you find Trading Signals that you can quickly confirm using any of a number of methods, including patterns, volume, and market direction. And when you see a really good Signal, entering and managing the trade is easy thanks to OmniTrader's many automation and trading features.

Now, with the advent of the RTSS, making money during the session has never been easier - or more fun!

Thanks to advanced Range and Gap analysis, the Real Time Strategy Suite can identify key Reversals and Breakouts like the ones you see on this page. It's uncanny how well these Signals identify explosive moves.

There are essentially 3 Strategy Types in the Suite—Reversal, Breakout and Gap Strategies. This collection is a combination of Strategies that provides total session coverage because some of the Strategies work well in the morning, others in the afternoon.

Maximize Gains All Day, Every Day

The most profitable Signals in Real Time are Over Bought(Sold) Reversals and Range Breakouts. Real Time Strategy Suite finds 'em.

One thing traders frequently encounter when making the switch to Real Time is that markets behave differently at different times of the day:

The Open: The Open starts with high volume and intense volatility as traders process all the information that came into the market in the overnight session.

The Morning: The volatility generally gives way to the morning markets which are active and characterized by frequent reversals. This continues to the lunch lull where volume and volatility typically dry up.

The Afternoon: As the traders come back from lunch, the market is ripe for potential breakouts, as everyone wants to make sure they're on the right side of the market going into the close.

The “Whole Enchilada”

All these different behaviors make it difficult to find one trading system that can profitably trade throughout the entire day.

The Real Time Strategy Suite addresses this by including five powerful trading Strategies that each focus on a specific segment of the trading day, giving you the best trades at all times. The included Strategies are:

RT Gap Strategy

The RT Gap Strategy trades on days that the open has a move away from the prior Close. It takes advantage of the strong moves that usually occur as price moves back into the gap.

RT Pivot Strategy

The RT Pivot Strategy emerged from work on trading Gaps, but doesn't actually rely on a gap condition in the chart. This Strategy starts trading 15 minutes after the open, profiting from the volatile early morning reversals.

RT Snapback (Reversal) Strategy

The RT Snapback Strategy was adapted from the prior Real Time Strategy Suite Version 1.0. It looks for extreme overbought (or oversold) conditions that lead to the sharp V-Reversals starting 30 minutes after the session open. This Strategy is ideal for picking up quick moves as the morning traders adjust to the new day.

RT Range Strategy

The range of prices defined by the first hour of trading informs traders of what to watch for in the day ahead. The RT Range Strategy monitors these levels for potential breakouts that can lead to lucrative extended intra-day moves.

RT Breakaway Strategy

The last Strategy, RT Breakaway, completes the new Real Time Strategy Suite. RT Breakaway only trades in the afternoon hours of the session, which tend to be quiet ahead of the big moves. This Strategy looks for tight ranges that form and pounces on the breakout opportunities that arise as the professionals begin buying or selling stock ahead of the Close.

The best thing about these Strategies is how they work together to give you plenty of prime trades throughout the trading day.

Timing isn't everything.
It's the ONLY thing.